Why The REd Brand?

We have the vision to bring your BRAND to life

Passion never die. It grows
stronger every day.


With services ranging from graphic design, photography, videography, web design our partnerships with Career Sisters, Tre Productions, LoveAndLightTV, FastLane Pictures and so many more have afforded The Red Brand growth opportunities.

Our process starts with ensuring our clients are secured in their business endeavors with proper registrations, trademarks, and licensing. Once secured we begin the build by acquiring the tools needed to build a successful brand foundation.

In home construction, if you don’t have the proper tools, your building will not stand properly. The same applies to branding. Branding requires a set of tools and technical parts to ensure the “bones” of the brand are sufficient in sustaining and becoming timeless.

Ralph Edward was the sole member, cultivating all services as a “one man” show until 2020, when he began to build the team and expand service offerings and partnership opportunities.

In 2022 The Red Brand plans on opening its first office location in Atlanta, GA as a mixed use creative multimedia facility, where our clients will be able to fully imagen their brand in real-time. The offerings will also include photography memberships*, branding courses, training classes**, and a host of other creative services.

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Our Clients


Meet Ralph Edward "RedBrandMan" aka The Man Behind Red Brand


A driving passion for imagery, brand,
music, people, life.

Ralph Edward attended both Morehouse College & Full Sail University; studying business marketing, psychology and music production to cultivate the skill necessary to develop the culture of The Red Brand. As a self-taught photographer, he began developing his photography skills at the early age of 14, working as a theme park photographer at Six Flags America. In an effort to develop his skills further he also worked with New Image Photography Studio in Marlow Heights, MD while finishing High School.

While attending Morehouse College he served as a photo journalist on the Maroon Tiger newspaper and partnered with a fellow student to begin Nostalgia Photography Company

In 2005, The Red Brand Journey began with what was then named “The Ralph Edward Company” after he and the other student parted ways. Ralph then offered Photography, Graphic Design, but set out to build his knowledge to host every branding service under one roof.

After exiting Morehouse College in 2006, he began pursuing opportunities to show the world his natural creative and technical abilities in photography, videography and graphic design. As Ralph Edward was self-taught in most of these area, he found it difficult to prove to established major companies what value he could bring without the concentrated degree program associated with advertising.

In 2010, he enrolled in Full Sail University pursuing a degree in Music Production to learn production technique and effective marketing for musical artist and graduated in 2013.

After working with newly found developing artist and producers at Twelve Music Group, he began working with artist independently as The Red Brand.

In 2017, he founded The Red Brand as a one stop branding, advertising, and marketing company focusing on start-up companies. From authors, retailer’s, political candidates, recording artists, non-profit organizations and so much more, The Red Brand has curated over 100 brands and look to the future on expanding into new markets.